AUGUST, 28-29
Kyiv, Ukraine

Темизация на основе Zen

Cледующее видео доклада, подготовленное Александром Митасовым и нашим видео-партнером «Николаевским курьером» — «Темизация на основе Zen».

Видео доклада «Продвинутый мультисайтинг»

Новое видео доклада Влада Савицкого о мультисайтинге в Друпале, и снова спасибо нашему видео-партнеру «Николаевскому курьеру» и Александру Митасову лично.

Реальный опыт разработки интернет-магазина

Встречайте новое видео доклада Юрия Глушкова о принципах разработки интернет-магазина на Ubercart, и снова спасибо нашему видео-партнеру «Николаевскому курьеру» и Александру Митасову лично.

dckyiv09-Real experience of development the internet-shop on Drupal from Mitas on Vimeo.

Видео доклада «Разработка модуля для CMS Drupal»

Встречайте следующее видео доклада, подготовленное Александром Митасовым и нашим видео-партнером «Николаевским курьером». Пауза с публикацией отснятых видео связана с небольшими техническими трудностями. Все видео обязательно будут опубликованы.

Роман Архаров, «Разработка модуля для CMS Drupal».

A story of how DrupalCamp Kyiv 2009 emerged

Everything started a year ago, when Yaroslav Aghnyuk, the director of NGO “Internet Initiatives”, decided to arrange the first in CIS minicamp, dedicated to Drupal. Details of the preparation process could be tracked in google group, and in brief minicamp has been organized in 10 days by one person, who gathered 40 developers from 4 cities of Ukraine. The participants prepared 4 presentations, exchanged their experience, and just got inspired by the barcamp atmosphere.

In almost 6 months, Ciklum, namely HR Manager Alexandra Lipes, following footsteps of the last year minicamp, found Yaroslav Aghnyuk and offered help in holding a much bigger scale Drupal Camp this year (with international participants and organizers and more solid financial support). For Ciklum development of IT communities in Ukraine becomes a strategic direction. The spirit of community, knowledge sharing and better experience in IT – are the core company values. They are in line with DrupalCamp purpose and we are glad we are on the same page J.

Ciklum holds unique opportunities and resources to become a polygon fоr such communities development, offering help in attracting interesting speakers, including international ones, in logistics and financial support.

DrupalCamp will become second of 5 large-scale conferences, planned this year by Ciklum.

July the 18th - iPhoneDevCamp.
September the 18th —19th Agileee will be supported by Ciklum.
September the 26th - the first big gathering of Ruby on Rails specialists.
October the 24th - IT Jam 2009 will gather Ukrainian IT companies under one roof.

Some tips for presentations topics

We have only two weeks before conference will start, which means that even the lazy ones should already begin to prepare their presentations.

List below will help you to select the right topic for your presentation.

Presentations of the First Day

  • 10 tips and 10 modules for beginners in Drupal
  • Drupal for non-programmers
  • Themesation of Drupal
  • Pros and cons of Drupal compared to other CMS
  • Worldwide Drupal development dynamics
  • SEO-checklist

Sites Development

  • Optimization performance
  • Proper installation and updating of Drupal sites
  • CCK + Views: The Holy Grail of Drupal
  • Geo-mapping, and all that is associated with it
  • Practical application of taxonomy
  • Building Communities: groups, friends, conversations
  • Migration from Joomla!
  • Migrating from Wordpress
  • Migration Bitrix/UMI/NetCat
  • Real experience of building Drupal sites


  • Basics of Ubercart
  • Advanced Usage of Ubercart
  • Development of online shops in CIS
  • Actual experience of development online shop on Drupal


  • OOP in Drupal
  • JavaScript in Drupal
  • Debug of Drupal and modules for developers
  • SimpleTest: or test-driven development in Drupal
  • Secure code
  • How to contribute to Drupal
  • Microformats and RDF

Competition for true Drupallers

We are glad to challenge to competition everybody who love Drupal and believe that this is the best CMS in the world :). We are waiting from you articles/researches/essay of any things around Drupal.

Here is the list of possible topics (just to give you an idea):

  • Experience of creating real site
  • Creating e-shop on Ubercart
  • Creating multilingual site
  • Practical using of multisite
  • Team development of projects on Drupal

Authors of the most interesting article will get amazing prizes from our team and sponsors but what is more important – you will help us to create more talks about Drupal before camp. We are going to place your articles on specialized IT sites or press but sure you can post it in your own blog and just send us a link.

You can send articles to We will help you to improve it if necessary and coordinate publishing on different sites.

Two amazing Monday news!

First great news - Acquia, the company founded by original creator and project lead of Drupal Dries Buytaert has supported our camp! We think that it is a big step forward global Drupal community and will be very encouraging for other companies to support us. And yes, some surprises from Acquia will be on camp. Do not miss! :)

Another not so great news, but still quite important - now the forum is opened. There you can meet everybody before the event. We have created special sections which will help you to find an accommodation, good fellow travelers, find out how you can help to conference or just share your ideas about DrupalCamp in Kyiv.